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Birds are the only proven sighting of dinosaurs.

Styracosaurus BW

Though dinosaurs are said to be extinct, there have been numerous sightings of dinosaurs andother supposedly extinct animals occuring to this very day. Are dinosaurs really extinct, or are they still hiding among us?

It seems impossible for some that dinosaurs would have survived. Though some areas have remained nearly the same after millions of years (such as the rainforests of Africa - where most sightings take place).

Below is a list of cryptid creatures which could be sightings of dinosaurs.


Mokele mbembe news

An article in 'The Elfmood Times' on Friday 21 June describing mokele-mbembe.

Mokele-mbembe (one who stops the flow of rivers) is the name given by natives to a large creature said to be living in the Congo in Africa. The Mokele-mbembe is described as being similar to a sauropod dinosaur: having a long neck and tail, small head, and an elephant-like body. Some of the Natives believe that the creature is a spirit. It is also said to dislike and kill hippototami, which may be why there are no hippos seen where the creature is sighted.

Numerous expeditions have been taken to find it, so far none have been successful.


Emela-ntouka is a mythical creature said to live in Africa, mainly famous by the Pygmy tribes. It is a creature about the size of an elephant. It appears to be similar to a ceratopsian dinosaur (such as triceratops), being described as having a horn on its snout and a heavy tail. However, unlike a ceratopsian, the creature does not appear to have a bony frill. Scientists believe it is a new species of rhinoceros, though rhinos have small tails.

As its name suggests (Emela-ntouka means "killer of elephants"), the creature dislikes large animals like elephants and will kill them on contact.bnfnfvngfngvnvbn

Kasai Rex

The Kasai rex is a creature supposedly living in the Kasai Valley (in the Democratic Republic of the Congo). It is reported to be a theropod dinosaur; seeming to fit the description of tyrannosaurus rex.

It was first reported by a plantation owner named John Johnson in 1932. A report broke out that a gamehunter and a servant saw what appeared to be a tyrarannosaurus eating a dead rhino. However, it may be a hoax due to an obviously fake photograph attached to the article.


Ngoubou is a styracosaurus-like creature said to live in Cameroon. It is said to be the size of an ox and have six horns with a frill.

A notable sighting took place in 1919. A railway construction worker in the Congo was allegedly chased by the creature. He reported it to have a pointed snout with a horn, horse-like front feet, hind feet with cloven hoofs, and a scaly hump on its back.

Though it fits the description of a ceratopsian dinosaur, no fossils of this group have been found in Africa.


  • Muhuru - a stegosaurus or ankylosaurus said to be living in Kenya.
  • Nguma-moneme - A spinosaurus-like creature seen in the Republic of the Congo.
  • Mbielu-mbielu-mbielu - A creature said to be living in the Republic of the Congo whose description fits that of a kentrosaurus.
  • Kongamato - A pterosaur-like creature supposedly living in Africa.
  • The famous Loch Ness Monster is sometimes said to be a living plesiosaur.
  • Velociraptor-like creatures have been sighted in Arizona and Chile.
  • Burrunjor - A supposed theropod dinosaur living in Australia.
  • Iguanadon sightings are reported in Papua New Guinea.
  • Mammoth sightings are reported in Alaska and Siberia.
  • The famous Bigfoot and Yeti are said to be living members of gigantopithecus.

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